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Southeast Asia travel montage

Well, we finally finished a picture and video montage from our Southeast Asia trip. With so much to do, it was hard to stay on top of the “trip close-out” chores. We still have to rename the approximately 6,000 pictures we took.

We hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. Maximeetjulie2010 says:

    Hi Guys,
    Very nice video. It’s remebering us a lot of good times. It’s fun because we recognized a lot of pictures either because we were with you or because we went there too! Especially the cruise in the sea canoe (we guess you did it in phuket too), i hope you did like us getting it for free from the Mariott…
    We hope you still receive our mails and still enjoy it.
    We are nearly back home now, we have only ten more days in Mexico and then 9 days in london after what we get back home for the 24 to make a christmas surprise to our families.
    We don’t forget you,
    Max and Julie
    We don’t forget you

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