The first and last…

Here are the bookend of our trip.

I love how pictures can elicit the same emotions that you were experiencing when you took them.  As I look at each picture from our Southeast Asia trip, it brings everything back… what I was thinking when I took the picture, whether I was sweating a little or a lot,  was I hungry, and many other thoughts and emotions.


Ho Chi Minh Airport

You can see the humidity!!

We had just landed in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and had walked out of the airport.  I wanted to get a picture of everyone waiting outside for their loved ones.  As soon as I pulled the camera from my bag, Lindsey was pulling me to a waiting taxi.  The camera was cold from the air conditioned environments we had just come from that the humidity of Vietnam immediately clouded the lens upon turning on the camera.  I didn’t have time to wipe it clear before taking the picture.

PICTURE #6,500 (or something very close):

Japanese toilet

Hopefully this button doesn't activate the ejector seat!!

This toilet was at Narita International Airport outside of Tokyo, Japan.  We knew the Japanese had cool gadgets but these toilets take the cake.  We had to try it of course.  We’ll just leave it at that.


  • Kmj97

    If I ever buy a house, I'm totally getting a Toto toliet!! 🙂