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A little trip planning

Well, it has been awhile since my last post, so I would like to welcome myself back to my blog. I have been working on our blog (in the background) in preparation for our trip to Southeast Asia. We want to provide reports back to family and friends while we are traveling (so that they know that we are safe and sound). Basically, our blog will become our travelogue. There are many beneficial reasons for this:

  • We will not need to send individualized emails out to our large list of family and friends.
  • Pictures and videos can be easily shared with links in our blog.
  • We can record funny stories and experiences soon after they happen. (so we don’t forget anything from our travels)
  • While writing our blog posts from internet cafes, we will upload our pictures and videos at the same time so that our memory cards are cleaned out for the next day’s adventures.
  • You will be able to keep up with our current whereabouts with this cool Google map of our travels. Note: We are not currently in Saigon.

So why Southeast Asia? Well, our 10 year wedding anniversary is on April 1st. We wanted to do a “big” trip since we haven’t traveled out of the country since 2006 and haven’t taken any real vacation since then. We are also telling ourselves that this is the reason why you own your own company and work 80 hours a week at them – so that we can take off for trips like this. In addition, since our life goal is to set foot in every country in the world, we are behind in our average “countries per year” that we need to have to accomplish our goals. This trip will possibly give us 8 more countries. Lindsey will also be taking a thai massage course in Thailand so that she can expand the services of her business.

We have been trying to prepare for the trip while preparing our “home” lives for the extended absence. You see, we will be away for 6 weeks. We are two weeks away from departure and all we have is basically our plane flights in and out and a tentative plan for our journey. That’s it! Now I have read many guidebooks and know the attractions and things to do, but we don’t have any set plan for the way we get from point A (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) to point B (Singapore). The big part of my preparation has been with my business, IWS. I haven’t been away from my business for more than a week since we started it in 2004. This extended absence will be a good test for my business and I feel that it will make it stronger by exposing the areas that need processes to be set up.

This post is also serving to test the different “alerting” services (facebook, etc) that we have set up to tell people about a new blog post while we are traveling.

Until next post,
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