How to save the environment, one mow at a time

Chris mowing with environmentally friendly reel mower

Chris mowing with environmentally friendly reel mower

Well, we finally bought the reel mower that we have been wanting forever.  And let me tell, it is awesome!  It has been a long journey to this point after going through an electric mower whose motor burned out and a hand-me-down gas mower that was just a hassle to work with every time.

We researched the reel mower with the best reviews and the Scott’s brand reel mower had a lot of great reviews.

I also found this reel mower review that I thought was just hilarious.  I mean, who thinks mowing a 17,000 square foot yard with a reel mower is realistic and will be easier than a gas mower.  Come on!

Anyway, after mowing our yard this weekend, I have to say that the reel mower worked wonderfully and it was truly a joy using it.  You can still hear the birds singing while mowing your grass.  You could even mow in the middle of the night if you needed.  Of course, it is a little bit harder to push than a gas mower since you are providing the mechanical energy to turn the blades, but it is a great workout.

It also feels right for our yard, our 1949 house, and our neighborhood… something out of the old days.  And knowing that I am not using any fossil fuels to mow my yard feels great as well.