Chris & Lindsey - Thanksgiving 2008

Chris & Lindsey – Thanksgiving 2008

Welcome to our story!

Here is a snapshot of ourselves and our relationship:

We are…

entrepreneurs, a little bit city and a little bit country, progressive environmentalists, hopeless romantic (Lindsey) and just romantic (Chris), travelers and wanderers, compassionate humanists, and dedicated to living every moment to its fullest.


Chris was born in Cameron, Texas.

Lindsey was born in Austin, Texas.

We met in junior high school (circa 1988) when Lindsey moved to Cameron.  It was not love at first sight, but we definitely knew of each other since Cameron is very small.  In high school, we became friends and luckily had a couple of classes together.  It wouldn’t be until spring 1994 during track & field season that Chris finally asked Lindsey out.  We went to see 8 seconds at the movie theater in Temple, Texas (the closest “big” city to Cameron).  We fell head-over-heels for each other!


Chris graduated high school and went to college at Texas A&M University at College Station.  He spent his weekends back in Cameron, visiting Lindsey.  He even persuaded Lindsey to attend A&M even though her family was dead set on her attending the University of Texas at Austin.  Lindsey would be the first Aggie in her family.

In 1999, Chris graduated with his B.S. in Civil Engineering.  Lindsey graduated in 2000 with her B.A. in Anthropology and a minor in Religious Studies.


After dating 6 years, we decided to tie the knot on April Fool’s Day 2000.  We were fools in love.  We got married in Independence, Texas at the Antique Rose Emporium.  We had a beautiful, outdoor wedding ceremony surrounded by springtime flowers and our family and friends.

Peace Corps:

Not wanting to join the rat race just yet, we applied for volunteer positions in the United States Peace Corps and left for our service on September 12th, 2000.  We served two years in Suriname, South America in a small village called Godo Olo in the rain forest.  We completed our service on August 22, 2002.  Before returning to the US, we traveled in South America until November 2002.

The Real World:

Upon returing to the US, we settled down in Austin.  Lindsey immediately started massage therapy school and Chris started working at an environmental engineering consulting firm.

Lindsey finished several semesters of massage therapy school and began working at a spa.  Lindsey would soon tire of “working for the man” and decided to start her own massage therapy business, Healing Therapies.

Chris worked for several years at the engineering firm and decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Community & Regional Planning at UT Austin.  Concurrently, Chris started Innovative Water Solutions with a business partner and fellow returned Peace Corps volunteer from Suriname.  Chris became a licensed engineer in June 2007.  In July 2008, Chris quit the engineering firm to work at IWS full-time.